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 The Power Demand of Discharge Lamps

The power demand of discharge lamps used in public lighting Public lighting in the UK is powered from the electricity supply system without metering. For many years, charges for electricity for public lighting were based on individual supply contracts between the local electricity supplier and the local authority but since privatization of the electricity supply industry a new system has been introduced. Over the last decade, a number of field measurements have cast doubt on the accuracy of some of the power demand values used to determine electricity charges. This research was therefore commissioned to determine the validity of the field measurements used; to identify possible reasons for discrepancies; and to recommend what should be done to establish a just system for charging for electricity for public lighting. This research was conducted by Sheffield Hallam University [] ------------KM7ae0ae0Ef1cH2Ef1ae0gL6cH2gL6 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="folder" /ukrlg_admin/



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