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 Lighting columns data analysis and condition indicator

Review of lighting column risk assessment data The UK Lighting Board actively encourages highway authorities to use the risk assessment process produced by TRL in 2002 to establish the condition of their lighting columns. Whilst all care was taken in the development of this process, it was only field-tested on a small quantity of lighting columns. TRL have therefore been asked to analyse and check their earlier work to ensure consistency. With over 6.5 million lighting columns in the UK (with ages varying from one year to 50 years plus) and lack of funds to replace them as they reach the end of their expected life, a simple system to assess their structural safety and provide an indication of their condition is urgently required. In 2002 the Highways Agency commissioned Symonds Group Ltd to develop a series of road lighting condition indicators. The interim report published in June 2002 proposed that the road lighting condition indicator should initially be based on the age of the lighting columns and that some indicator of residual life be determined. This research was considered to be the first stage of a project to establish an overall condition indicator for road lighting systems, taking account of environmental factors and other elements, such as luminaires and cable networks. The current research extends the earlier TRL work and, in conjunction with the Symonds proposals, proposes an indicator of the condition of lighting columns, as a major part of an overall road lighting condition indicator. This research was funded by the County Surveyors' Society and conducted by TRL Ltd . The final report is available here. An associated report, with an analysis of local authority column data, is available here. ------------Ef1gL6ae0Ef1Ij5ae0ae0KM7Ij5GI3 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="folder" /ukrlg_admin/



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