UKRLG e-newsletter May 2017
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Future scanning to improve road condition


More consistent and appropriate surveys of road condition can be achieved through SCANNER which is now being improved to potentially allow the measurement of further parameters, such as potholes.

A research project by the UK Roads Liaison Group has sought to improve the SCANNER survey process for assessing the condition of the road network. Justin Ward spoke with Amanda Richards MCIHT, chair of the Road Condition Management Group and member of the UK Roads Board to find out more.

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Technology views sought

Department for Transport will be seeking views later this year on whether the highways sector should introduce new technology for monitoring road condition and how this feeds into annual road condition statistics.

It will also seek views on UKPMS and how local highway authorities may be granted more flexibility in the technology they use.  “We are keen to ensure we keep pace with rapidly changing technology and help authorities understand the true condition of the roads and make the best decisions,” said Steve Berry from the Department.

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Community Road Wardens pilot - Devon County Council

To access a video on the Community Road Warden scheme by Devon County Council click here.

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