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Transportation Professional - March 2019

Safety of structures is paramount to the UK Bridges Board and recent guidance supported by the Board should ensure that bridge engineers are doing all they can to manage safety critical fixings....

Transportation Professional - news article 14/03/19
UK Lighting Board minutes 8 March 2019
Minutes 8/03/19
FCMG Terms of Reference 2018

Terms of reference...

FCMG Business Plan 2018

Business plan...

UK Roads Board minutes 15 February 2019
Minutes 15/02/19
UK Bridges Board minutes 13 February 2019
Minutes 13/02/19
Transportation Professional January 2019

Future focus on vehicles helps shape current thinking - Efforts to improve air quality in cities must take account of emissions generated from real world driving and not just laboratory tests, finds a new report....

Transportation Professional - news article 3/01/19
UK Roads Liaison Group minutes 14 November 2018
Minutes 14/11/18
UK Network Management Board minutes 9 November 2018
Minutes 9/11/18
Transportation Professional October 2018

Well managed highway code goes live later this month - By the end of October highway authorities must be fully compliant with the UKRLG code of practice ‘Well-managed Highway Infrastructure’ including the need to have adopted a risk based approach to maintenance. Authorities are getting to grips with this and the U...

Transportation Professional - news article 30/10/18
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