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A Street Lighting Policy Framework

The UKLB has recently published a Lighting Policy ‘framework’ to assist lighting authorities by providing a reference to consider when formulating a formal lighting Policy for the first time, or when revising an existing policy. The advice is that a policy document should be a high level, non technical statement of th...

Guidance document 9/08/12
Transportation Professional August/September 2012

Updating Olympics trips with online data Transport Direct – Britain’s public transport journey and car route planner – is incorporating temporary Olympic road changes and modelling the impact of Games events on journey times. ...

Transportation Professional - news article 23/07/12
Transportation Professional June 2012

Bridge inspection competence to improve: Recent events at Hammersmith Flyover have helped to demonstrate the importance of bridge inspections. Justin Ward and the UK Bridges Board update us on development of a new training scheme for bridge inspectors....

Transportation Professional - news article 29/05/12
Highways Engineering Research: Review of processes, players, budgets and themes
Research document 29/03/12
Transportation Professional April 2012

It is time to deliver: UKRLG chairman and Department for Transport director of local transport John Dowie offers clear advice on what Government expects from the transport sector....

Transportation Professional - news article 21/03/12
BIC - Training Manual Vol 1 Draft Report v2.2.2 final
Guidance document,Member 20/03/12
Streetlighting Connections

Learn about a work on Streetlighting Connections which is projected to save £600k pa. ...

Case study 5/01/12
Transportation Professional Jan/Feb 2012

Sound asset management makes money go further: Application of a systematic approach to managing highway assets in London is demonstrating principles all road authorities can apply to make budgets go further....

Transportation Professional - news article 22/12/11
A96 Elgin LED Case Study Edition
Case study 29/11/11
Transportation Professional November 2011

Good practice for running the electronic highway The Roads Liaison Group has launched a new Code of Practice for electronic traffic equipment writes Justin Ward. Also in this update: news on RLG’s input into guidance to help highway authorities manage their assets and training plans for bridge inspectors....

Transportation Professional - news article 1/11/11
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