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UK Lighting Board minutes 7 March 2018
Minutes 7/03/18
UK Roads Board minutes 16 February 2018
Minutes 16/02/18
UK Bridges Board minutes 1 February 2018
Minutes 1/02/18
UKPMS 2017 AHC Certificate WDM PMS/UKPMS 4110

UKPMS 2017 AHC Certificate for WDM PMS/UKPMS v4.11.0...

FCMG Pedestrian and Cycle Infrastructure Definitions
Asset Management Guidance 17/01/18
Transportation Professional January 2018

Future highway systems target better use of digital innovation - UK Roads Liaison Group member and chair of industry association ADEPT's engineering board Parvis Khansari writes about a recently published report looking at digital innovation and highways....

Transportation Professional - news article 4/01/18
UK Roads Liaison Group minutes 21 November 2017
Minutes 21/11/17
Benefits of highway asset risk management explained

Benefits of highway asset risk management explained. Modern approaches to managing highway assets contained in a recently updated code of practice place a greater emphasis on risk and should be closely followed, says Andy Warrington MCIHT. Originally published in September in Transportation Professional. Republished...

Transportation Professional - news article 16/10/17
Transportation Professional October 2017

Flexible finance options help investment in street lighting. Greater flexibility in financing street lighting schemes should give confidence to authorities who are looking to improve energy efficiency and save money...

Transportation Professional - news article 16/10/17
UK Network Management Board minutes 13 October 2017
Minutes 13/10/17
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