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Codes of Practice Review

The Code 'Well-managed Highway Infrastructure' was published on 28 October 2016.  This page outlines the background to the publication of the document:

About the review

Work was undertaken to review guidance in the UK Roads Liaison Group (UKRLG) Codes of Practice that provide advice on lighting, structures and highway maintenance for local highway authorities.

Objectives of the review

The objective of the review was to update the advice in the Codes to reflect current developments in the sector and bring a fundamental change in the way highway infrastructure is managed in the UK, through the adoption of a risk based approach.  This covered the development or revision of guidance and advice for routine and cyclical maintenance, inspections, climate change and resilience, with the aim of reducing the overall cost of the service while not compromising statutory duties.


An important part of the project was consultation with the wider sector which started with a webinar in December 2014 setting out the aim, scope and governance arrangements for the review.  The recorded webinar is available from the following link with the slides from the sessions in the below table.

Extensive consultation

During February and March of 2015, a series of workshops were held in England, Scotland and Wales.  The workshops offered participants the opportunity to express their views on the review and influence the contents of the Codes.  The presentation material provided at these sessions is included below as is the report produced following the sessions. 

A full draft of version 2 of the revised Code of Practice was circulated in the summer of 2015 for comment by both the Steering Group and Corresponding Members. The consultation saw an overwhelming response from all parts of the maintenance sector, with more than 600 comments received from several dozen organisations, representing not only highways, structures and lighting practitioners, but also views from professional institutions, user groups, risk, legal and insurance backgrounds.

Version 3 of the Code was circulated in September seeking final factual comments from UKRLG members, the UK Boards, the Steering Group, and Corresponding Members.


The Code was published on the UKRLG website on 28 September 2016.