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Inspector Accreditation

Inspector accreditation is a three stage process involving:

  • Defect definition exercise
  • Defect recognition photographic exercise
  • Onsite audit

In order to address this, the accreditation process includes Visual Surveys of a number of sites close to the test centres. Survey data is collected using the hardware/software that inspectors use in their work. To gain accreditation inspectors will be required to successfully complete all aspects of the process.
Accreditation tests can be undertaken for the following surveys:

  • DVI survey combined carriageway and footway
  • DVI survey footway only
  • CVI survey (driven) combined carriageway and footway
  • CVI survey (walked) combined carriageway and footway
  • Footway Network Survey (FNS)
  • UKPMS accredited surveys auditor

Bookings for the Visual Survey Accreditation Scheme

To make a booking, you should complete the test booking form and checklist and send it to  Alternatively, you can employ an organisation with accredited inspectors.

Test centres are located in Bristol, Nottingham, Leamington Spa and Doncaster and the cost of each individual test is £350. Please note that the test fee is dependent on a minimum of 2 bookings for each test date. If you are putting forward a single candidate, we can offer the nearest date to your preferred choice where we can group your booking with other candidates. Alternatively, if required we can carry out an accreditation for a single candidate with a £500 test fee.

Visual Survey Accreditation procedure

Visual Surveys Booking form