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Visual Surveys

In many authorities UKPMS visual surveys have multiple uses in pavement asset management, typically for: 

  • monitoring network condition and performance,
  • identifying and prioritising schemes and works programmes, and
  • determining budgetary needs and financial allocations.

Condition surveys are also used to provide financial information for asset management, such as depreciated replacement cost. 

Visual surveys complement machine surveys such as the Deflectograph, SCRIM and SCANNER on classified roads and are the main source of condition information on the rest of the network.

Information from visual surveys can be used for internal performance monitoring and benchmarking between authorities.  For example:

  • To produce internal performance indicators (sometimes referred to as Key Performance Indicators, KPI).
  • To inform decisions about how, when and where to carry out maintenance schemes within an authority, and to support the internal audit of such decisions.
  • To support an authority’s Asset Management Plan, including;
  • Determining a required level of budget and investment over time to maintain or to achieve a required condition or level of service for a road network.
  • Assessing the future implications of current levels of funding.
  • Determining the depreciated value of the paved assets in the network.