National reporting

The national governments of the UK monitor local authority performance in maintaining their road networks through a range of performance indicators.  Some of which are required for national statistics, some which Local Authorities collect for asset management and other purposes such as Whole of Government Account requirements.

In England, local authorities Best Value Performance Indicators and National Indicators (NI) have been replaced by the following Single Data List data topics relating to the condition of local roads:

  • Data Topic 130-01 – Principal roads where maintenance should be considered
  • Data Topic 130-02 – Non-principal classified roads where maintenance should be considered
  • Local authority survey data (if carried out) of unclassified roads [not part of the Single Data list but where it has been provided by a local authority it is published in the Road Conditions England Report]

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The UK Roads Liaison Group and its Boards have responsibility for advising government on the scope and definitions of these indicators.

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