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Sideway force skid resistance survey devices

If you are looking for a contractor to carry out skid resistance surveys compliant with HD28 on your behalf you may wish to check the list of Sideways force skid resistance survey devices below. On this page you can also find the latest accreditation certificates. In this table machines are referred to as having met criteria if they have met the mandatory criteria as defined in the Accreditation and QA specification for these devices.

Accreditation_and_QA_of_Sideway-force_Skid_resistance_devices Issue 3.0 ....pdf

Some Network Authorities may also require a specific level of performance in some or all of the additional tests. Please see the certificates for more detail on the performance of these devices in these additional tests.

Certificates from previous years can be found here.

ID Reg plate Operating Company Met criteria Certificate
01 W965 SVG PTS Yes 2017 Skid M01 (W965 SVG).pdf
03 IKZ 2203 DoE Northern Ireland Yes 2017 Skid M03 (IKZ 2203).pdf
14 01 KK 1138 PMS Eire Yes 2017 Skid M14 (01 KK 1138).pdf
16 S66 HSL Highway Surveyors Ltd Yes 2017 Skid M16 (S66 HSL).pdf
17 S800 WDM WDM Ltd Yes 2017 Skid M17 (S800 WDM).pdf
18 04 G1 3042 PMS Eire TBC Currently unassessed
19 S900 WDM WDM Ltd Yes 2017 Skid M19 (S900 WDM).pdf
21 KX07 YXH Surrey County Council Yes 2017 Skid M21 (KX07 YXH).pdf
22 KX07 YVH PTS Yes 2017 Skid M22 (KX07 YVH).pdf
23 S111 WDM WDM Ltd Yes 2017 Skid M23 (S111 WDM).pdf
24 S12 WDM WDM Ltd Yes 2017 Skid M24 (S12 WDM).pdf
25 S13 WDM WDM Ltd Yes 2017 Skid M25 (S13 WDM).pdf
26 S14 WDM WDM Ltd Yes 2017 Skid M26 (S14 WDM).pdf
28 WX60 AXN TRL (on behalf of HE) Yes 2017 Skid M28 (WX60 AXN).pdf
29 YD02 XSN PTS Yes 2017 Skid M29 (YD02 XSN).pdf
31 S16 WDM WDM Ltd Yes 2017 Skid M31 (S16 WDM).pdf