SCANNER specification

The SCANNER specification consist of five volumes and contains all the information required for all stages of SCANNER surveys.

Volume 1 provides a brief summary of the requirements for SCANNER surveys

Volume 2 contains advice to Local Authorities about the procuring SCANNER surveys under the SCANNER Specification and is to be read in conjunction with the other documents.

Volume 3, Using SCANNER data, explains the background to SCANNER Surveys and gives further guidance on the interpretation of processed SCANNER data.

Volume 4, Technical Requirements - SCANNER Survey Data and Quality Assurance, defines the technical requirements for the services to be provided by the survey contractor, including the Survey Data and the requirements for Quality Assurance procedures to ensure the Services are consistent and reliable.

Volume 5, Technical requirements for SCANNER Survey Parameters and Accreditation defines the technical requirements for the parameters provided by the machine developer, including acceptance and consistency testing and accreditation.

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