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Using SCANNER data for maintenance management

Using SCANNER data for maintenance management

As part of the development and implementation programme to support the introduction of SCANNER surveys on all local roads in England, this project investigated of the use of data gathered by automated road condition survey machines to indicate the condition and maintenance requirements of all types and classes of local road, from principal roads to minor unclassified roads.

This research was carried out by Mott MacDonald. The final project report is here: Using SCANNER data for maintenance management on Local Roads - Final report  Detailed annexes to the final report are here: Using SCANNER data for maintenance management on local roads - Appendices

The work was carried out in two parts - in depth consultation with a number of highway authorities to identify how they use road condition data to manage highway maintenance and detailed investigation of a number of specific technical issues.

The research found that most authorities were using condition data to identify schemes, some in more depth than others. Some simply used the overall BVPI figure, others drilled into the data in more detail. Some relied on UKPMS or commercial PM systems, other had developed in house or bespoke systems. There were widespread concerns about the differences between the overall indicator and the indicative treatments produced from UKPMS. The report recommended further development of the treatment rules in UKPMS.

The research investigated a wide range of specific issues and recommended a consistent approach to network review and scheme development, with a formal ranking system for larger schemes and a simplified approach for smaller schemes.

It investigated the impact of automated carriageway condition surveys on local authority responsibilities and duties, existing processes and systems and concluded that the impact would be widespread, but relatively minor, although there would be significant demands on IT systems for both survey data and PM systems.

The study reviewed deterioration models, condition projection, economic prioritisation and whole life costing in PM systems. It identified the need for further development and enhancement in UKPMS to be able to use SCANNER data effectively on local roads.

It investigated the use of condition data in asset management plans and the costs and benefits of introducing SCANNER surveys and replacing visual inspection surveys. It concluded that there is great potential for using consistent and reliable carriageway condition data within asset management plans but few local authorities had advanced far with this because the surveys were only just being introduced and most authoirities were at an early stage in developing their transport asset management plans.

These results have been implemented in the SCANNER User Guide and Specification for 2007.