Initial review of survey techniques

Review of survey methods

This research was commissioned to review the lessons learnt from automated road condition surveys carried out to date on UK road networks and to identify the requirements for the new surveys to be introduced on local authority roads in England from 2005. The review also looked at current use of automated surveys in Europe and the rest of the world. It also included a brief consultation exercise with a limited number of key experts to confirm the initial requirements of the project.

The work was undertaken by TRL Limited. The final project report is available here. TTS initial review - review of survey methods

No evidence was found that the use of automated condition surveys on local roads had been researched extensively abroad. The consultation with UK-based experts found no entrenched opposition to the principles of automated surveys, but there were strongly held concerns regarding the current capabilities of the technology and the proposed timescale for introduction on the non-principal road network.

The review found that, in order for automated surveys to be acceptable to local maintenance engineers, the surveys should be able to identify rutting, cracking, surface and edge deterioration as a minimum.