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Confirm TTS requirements and base data

Confirmation of requirements

This research was commissioned to develop a specification for the data that should be collected on local authority roads for determining maintenance needs and treatments and for reporting their condition for national statistics (NRMCS) and local authority performance monitoring (BVPI). The project was intended to confirm what further research was required to support the full implementation of automated surveys on local roads by 2007 Additionally, the project collected base data to support the recommended further research and developed a database to store the collected data.

The work was undertaken by Atkins Consultants. The final project report is available here. Confirm TTS and Base Data

The project found that local authorities and road users generally accept that automated condition surveys could be an efficient way for collecting road condition data at network level. However, there were still some concerns amongst all stakeholders, related to both urban environments (where traffic speeds can be very slow and various restrictions can obstruct the survey) and rural areas (with narrow roads for which current equipment is too wide).

The results of this research project were used to define the detailed requirements for the second phase of SCANNER research.