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SCANNER Quality Score - advice for users

What is a satisfactory quality score?

High quality scores (i.e. closer to the maximum score of 100) demonstrate good adherence to the quality assurance procedures outlined in the SCANNER specification.

How might an authority use the SCANNER Quality Score?

The purpose of the SCANNER Quality Score is to assist Local Authorities in assessing and monitoring the quality of the service they can expect from survey contractors operating accredited SCANNER survey devices.

A Local Authority may wish to use SCANNER quality score as a method to track the quality of the service being provided and to ensure the selected survey contractor maintains their quality score throughout the duration of the contract. Hence a Local Authority may wish to request records of the quality score achieved during the time period of their SCANNER surveys.

If, during a contract, a survey contractor’s quality score decreases for consecutive quarters below that previously seen a Local Authority may wish to ask the contractor to explain the reason behind the reduction in the quality score and what actions are being taken to rectify this.

A Local Authority may also wish to use the quality score as part of the tender scoring process. This could be as simple as rejecting a bid from a contractor with consecutively low or a declining quality score, or a Local Authority could consider combining the quality score with the bid price to calculate an overall ‘bid score’ when selecting their survey contractor.

It should be noted that a decrease in score should not be assumed to indicate that the level of accuracy or consistency of the SCANNER data has decreased, as the score assesses the adherence to the process and not the technical accuracy of the data. The SCANNER Auditor will be continuously tracking the scores of each SCANNER contractor to spot trends, with the aim of seeking improvements before long term problems occur that might lead to a decrease in data quality.

Where can I obtain further information?

If you would like further information or to discuss the SCANNER quality score with the Auditor, please email