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Footway & Cycleway condition information

In order to make effective decisions on the management of the UK's highway networks, decision-makers need to have the right information at their fingertips, often from different sources. One way of managing this is to use a UKPMS certified pavement management system.

UKPMS is the standard system for the assessment of the condition of the UK local road network and for planning investment and maintenance on footways and cycle-tracks (also on paved carriageways) within the UK. It is endorsed and promoted by the UK Roads Board and is recommended as best practice for local road maintenance in “Well Maintained Highways” the code of good practice for highway maintenance management.

More information about data collection - click here.

More information about data management - of conditition data and processing for further assessment, click here.

The Footway & Cycleway Management Group (FCMG) govern the data collection and data management of road condition in the UK, click here for further details.