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National Winter Service Research Group

The National Winter Service Research Group (NWSRG), formerly the National Salt Spreading Research Group (NSSRG) was formed in 2001. The aims of the group are:

• To carry out pioneering research into the use of Sodium Chloride and other de-icing materials to prevent the formation of, and aid the removal of, ice and snow from the highway

• To identify the most cost efficient and effective methods of de-icing

• To form, on a national basis, a long-standing research group to further advance the understanding of the effective de-icing of highways.

The NWSRG is self financing and consists of members and industry associates including Highway Authorities, Term Contractors, Road Operators, Consultants and Private Industries that directly provide winter service, provide supplies to the winter maintenance industry or have an interest in winter maintenance in the United Kingdom. More information on current contributors and how to join can be found here.