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Management of Electronic Traffic Equipment

Management of Electronic Traffic EquipmentManagement of Electronic Traffic Equipment was published by TSO on 22 September 2011. This Code of Practice is the first document within the UK which establishes a series of good practice policies and procedures, obtained from experts, on how to effectively manage the maintenance of fixed location electronic traffic control equipment.

The growth of technology in the highways sector has led to improvements in congestion control and a reduction in carbon emissions. Adoption of the recommendations within this code will help local authorities achieve delivery of high quality services.

'Well-managed highway infrastructure' superceds the previous Codes 'Well-maintained Highways', 'Well-lit Highways' and 'Management of Highway Structures'.  This was published on 28 October 2016.  The new Code can either be adopted straightaway by authorities or they have until October 2018 to adopt a risk based approach.

Most authorities in England have started to implement asset management for their highway assets, with many benefits, and similar principles should now be applied to the management of electronic traffic equipment.

There is widespread recognition of the value of the systematic approaches to management of highway network assets promoted by the existing codes. This fourth code has been developed using a similar approach with the aim of incorporating the stewardship of such systems into the wider highway asset management agenda.

The code is available as free electronic download Management of Electronic Traffic Equipment

Hard copies are available from the TSO online bookshop priced at £35.