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UK Network Management Board Business Plan Monitoring

The UK Network Management Board Business Plan is available here.
Monitoring of the progess of the plan is outlined below:

UK Network Management Board Business Plan 2011 - 2015


  Title Description Timescale Deliverables Principle activity Owner Progress
1 Traffic Signs Policy Review Monitor impact and success of the TSPR  Implementation 2014 Maximising scope for improvement in urban environment by minimising sign clutter. Improving road user information. More effective enforcement. Better use of technology. Advise DfT on benefits of retro-reflective signage. NMB to act as sounding board and to offer guidance/advice for future policy.  DfT Ongoing.  Welcome authorisations issued in early March.
2 Innovative Signalling Research into innovative traffic signalling which seeks to improve pedestrian safety/information, improve traffic safety and reduce traffic delay (to include improvements in control for temporary signals and communications technology).  March 2014

To make recommendations on the development and use of innovative traffic signalling setting out clearly the costs, benefits and disbenefits of each system considered.

TfL to provide progress report on work it is doing in this area.

Consider pros and cons of existing traffic signalling regimes, reports on work by others in this regard, necessary research to understand implications of change and recommended actions there from.  TfL Pedestian countdown authoritised for use by highway authorities, following very successful trial by TfL
3  Urban Realm Improvements Research to establish quantified parameters to support business cases for public realm improvement schemes. Also take account of any Shared Space initiative(s).  2015 A business case model for public realm improvement schemes. Review work in this area and disseminate relevant model(s).  TfL Exhibition Road successfully launched and being carefully monitoried.  Several authorities developing proposals for new forms of shared space. 
4  Network Performance  Development of mechanisms to characterise network capacity and seek to understand the effects of incidents and interventions.  March 2015 Integrated database and modelling framework to enable authorities to understand impacts of interventions and their mitigation.  Receive reports on work by TfL and others and consider wider applicability and dissemination of findings.  TfL Using data on performance on the network to create signal plans that can be implemented after an incident.  Board to promote wider coverage of the system.
5 Traffic Management Act Permit Schemes  Monitoring of introduction and operation of permit schemes.  2015 Reports on success of permit schemes.

Potential case study material on permit schemes.

 Review scheme details and performance outcomes relative to non-permit operating regimes. Consider actions in light of experiences to maximise the effectiveness of permits. Report on what works well and what needs improvement.  NTMF
6 Streetworks  Under the New Roads and Street Works Act, local highway authorities can apply to the Secretary of State for Transport for approval to implement "lane rental" schemes. Such a scheme, if approved, would enable those authorities to charge a daily fee for the duration of works carried out on the very busiest streets at the busiest times.  April 2014

Take account of the lessons learnt from the implementation of lane rental to drive behavioural change in the timing for managing road works.

Review lessons from London's Lane Rental experience  TfL and DfT Report from TfL due in May 2013
7 Appropriate routing of HGVs. Work with authorities, Sat-Nav suppliers, and others to identify information on inappropriate routes for HGVs (weight, height restrictions, etc)  March 2012 Digital map-based updates through sat-nav providers to the road haulage industry. Recommendations as to mechanisms to encourage updating of databases by authorities, suppliers and users.  Engagement with suppliers, users and authorities, including Ordnance Survey. Consideration of potential mechanisms to assist information provision. Nick Illsley

SatNav summit held. Progress already in the southwest. 

As a result of the summit, UKNMB to produce a briefing note.

Required action:  meeting of appropriate people to review remaining issues on SatNav routing. Derek Turner to speak with Nick Illsley (Transport Direct), Mike Winter (Bridges Board) Keith Ross (Network Rail) and DfT lead (to be clarified by Graham Hanson) to explore options for data from ESDEL.  Sent out to Local Authorities, provide data on user beware basis. 

Update briefing note for highway authorities - what has been done, what is available. 

Progress on environmental issues (for preferred routing) wider impact from HGV.  

8 Freigh consolidation Monitoring the development and effectiveness of Freight Consolidation Ongoing as materila becomes available Recommendations on effective practices. Collation of information on and disseminating good practice arising from Freight Consolidation  Martin Low  Awaiting report material from partners
 9 Electric Vehicles Respond to the Government Strategy on Electric vehicles and to act as an support to Government to give a network perspective on electric vehicles  September 2011-2015 Respond to Strategy and ongoing support acting as network management experts on EV issues. Act as a expert on the implementation of EV  NTMF Martin Low as lead for UKNMB will liaise on strategy through the Office for Low Emission Vehicles
 10 Intelligent Speed Adaptation Monitor developments and outcomes.  March 2012 Encourage private sector to develop ISA concept and expand the digital map that is freely available for the London area after the conclusion of the London trial in March 2011 Continue to collate information and provide support in engagement with industry and service providers.  TfL  Update required.
11 Cycle Safety
Cover updates for practitioners on cycle safety issues
 March 2015 Provide advice and input relevant to practitioners (including updates to the Code of Practice Well-maintained Highways Improve safety for cyclists  Martin Low

Martin Low to provide input to the Board on the review of work to date on removal of pedestrian guard railings on the strategic road network at TfL (led by Dana Skelley) with the aim of improving cyclist safety.  Martin Low to liaise with TAG on this issue.

Exercise to review the (amount spent on) educational and campaigns used by the National Governments against road safety statistics (Jamie Hassall)

Aiming for zero - article in Transportation Professional (Jamie Hassall).