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Traffic bollards and and alternative low level traffic signs

The document was produced on 10 March 2015 for the Coroner's Inquest into the tragic death of a powered two wheeler rider.

It sets out details of the traffic signs used on many central traffic islands and pedestrian refuges.  They are often referred to as Illuminated Guide Posts (IGPs) or illuminated bollards.

Attention was drawn to this tragic accident at the UK Network Management Board meeting on 15 June 2015.  The  steps that Westminster City Council undertook included the replacement of all of the hooped traffic signs implemented on roads in the City of Westminster where the City Council is the highway authority.  The replacement of the hooped traffic signs has been with a sign that is more passive if hit by vulnerable road users such as powered two wheeler riders.

Traffic bollards and alternative low level traffic signs WCC 10 March 2015.pdf