The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 came into effect in September 2014.
It places duties on local authorities and the Welsh Government with the aim to improve infrastructure and significantly increase levels of walking and cycling in Wales.
The Act includes mapping, planning and reporting duties, as well as those relating to highway investment and traffic management. It also requires the promotion of walking and cycling.
The Act is supported by statutory guidance on the delivery of the Act (“Delivery Guidance”), aimed mainly at local authorities and guidance on the infrastructure design standards and the processes of network planning (‘Design Guidance’). Both were published in autumn 2014. A Direction sets out the 142 localities to which the mapping duties under the Act apply.
The first stage of mapping, the Existing Routes Maps was completed in 2016. Local authorities are now consulting on and  preparing Integrated Network Maps, which set out the authorities plans for the next 15 years. These need to be submitted by 3 November 2017.
We have been working quite closely with local authorities on this first iteration of the implementation and have provided additional guidance.
Following submission of the Integrated Network Maps, we will look to refresh the  Design Guidance, based on the initial experience of using it and to take account of new regulations.