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UK Lighting and Technology Board Business Plan monitoring

Monioring of the progress of the plan is outlined below:

UK Lighting Board Business Plan 2011 - 2015

   Title  Deliverables  Timescale  Deliverables  Owner Progress
 1 Impact of profiled lighting levels Publication of impact of profiling lighting levels relative to ‘on street’ activity.  2013 Publication of findings on UKLB website.
Annual UK Lighting Board industry survey
Work with Defra on more complete case studies following the 2011 report by Defra on lighting
Secretariat / DEFRA Analyse sources of Defra work to follow up further documents. Nigel Parry to make contact. 
 2 Health & safety Influence all aspects of lighting design and maintenance are carried out with safety in mind. Promulgate best practice through local authorities and the industry  ongoing Overview desktop review of research on the links between street crime and the lighting environment.
Overview desktop review of research on lighting and its effect on human health
N Parry

Ongoing. Take account of lighting crime research 

Get case study material:(Cornwall case study (Patrick Baldrey), Westminster Case Study (Tim Edwards through LoLEG, Gloucestershire (Peter Hosking)), Wakefield PFI (Nigel contact Ian Ward at Amey) Leicestershire (Peter Hosking).  Importance of customer perception research highlighted. Feed into HMEP.

Home office study

 3 Lighting Design Standards Ensure representation is maintained on BS and CEN Standard Drafting Committees in conjunction with ILP.  ongoing  
Contribution of highway authority perspective on revised standards.

Board Members

(N Parry)

(S Beale)

Meeting Feb 2012, looking at completion Q4 2012 for calculating lighting levels.  Review BS doc end Summer 2012.  ILP producing document on conflict areas,
CMS, dimming, variable lighting levels which will be professional lighting guides - these will be referenced in the BS document.
 4 ‘Well Lit Highways’ Update Code of Practice  ongoing  
Ongoing publication of updated guidance to ‘Well lit highways’.
Publication of on line document incorporating latest advice
Atkins or other appointed consultant Ongoing.  Nigel Parry to raise issue of producing Environmental Guidance Note for inclusion in the Code.
 5 UKLB Website Update UKLB website to ensure it provides accurate and timely information.  ongoing UK Lighting Board website to provide all governments across the UK with comment, guidance, and advice on strategic policy and management of street lighting assets
Secretariat Ongoing.
 6 Lighting Policy Development of a best practice framework for local lighting policies.  June 2012 Publication of a framework for local lighting policies. Board Members Document completed.  Available here: A Street Lighting Policy Framework
 7 Managing Unmetered Energy Street Lighting Inventories Publication of guidance on good practice in establishing, maintaining, auditing and remedial measures for unmetered lighting inventories  2012  
Publication of a guidance available from UKLB website (completed)
Link with METE outside the lighting community
 8 Asset Valuation and investment (Lighting Backlog) Establish a common methodology for determining asset valuation, depreciation and projected life expectancy  2014 Publication of a common methodology for establishing asset valuation and investment needs.

Board members
(L McGregor)


Good progress.  Lindsay still working with SCOTS consultant (split luminaires and columns).  Spreadsheet produced with outputs gross replacement cost, depreciated replacement cost. Work feeds into HAMFIG
 9 Promote public lighting as a profession Engage with schools, colleges, employers and others to sustain interest in a viable industry.  2014 TfL case study on the supply chain contracting arrangement that creates opportunities for young people to secure apprentice schemes
D. Skelley Apprenship fora - future article in Transportation Professional.
 10 Annual lighting conference Promote and support the continuation of the annual lighting conference, supplying expert speakers on various current topics as appropriate.  ongoing Continuation of annual lighting conference
(see item 9) Apprentice to speak at the conference
ILP / Conference organisers / UKLB and ADEPT membership. Minister invited to Surveyor Conference (to provide coverage of HMEP issues).  Or HMEP stand.  Dana Skelley to raise issue of HMEP coverage at Conference.
 11 Illumination requirements for traffic signs Promote local risk based decisions for the illumination of traffic signs.    2014 Revisions to TSRGD
Board Members
(D Johnson)
 12 The 500 Watt rule Clarification of 500w ‘limit’ for unmetered supply for street lighting.  2012 Clarification of ‘rules’ for unmetered supply with publication on UKLB website. UKLB / ADEPT / NMO
(D Johnson)
Consultation response submitted to NMO.
 13 Efficient procurement Develop common specifications for the procurement of common services   2014 Publication of procurement models for defined services, i.e. service connections.

L McGregor

D Skelley

Scotland Excel dashboard to be fed into HMEP programme (Lindsay to provide).


14 Performance Indicators Publish recommendations for local street lighting PIs.  2012 Publication of standards against which local benchmarking can take place in a uniform and consistent manner. Board members
(L McGregor)
Progress, currently analysing results of indicators.  Working with APSE to facililtate yearly collection of information.  SCOTS have recently developed indicators for all their services as part of asset management processes.