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UK Lighting and Technology Board Business Plan introduction

Through the UKRLG provide all governments across the UK with comment, guidance, and advice on strategic policy and management of street lighting assets.


The plan is monitored here. 

Safe, reliable, fit for purpose, and efficient street lighting across the UK as a result of the work of the UKLB.


The work of the UK Lighting Board will focus on the following themes:

  1. Safety & Security
  2. Sustainability
  3. Environment
  4. Efficiency

The Board will develop and promulgate best practice in these themes they relate to street lighting infrastructure, taking into account the different circumstances that arise in urban and rural areas within the four UK countries.

1    Safety & Security

a)    The Lighting Board will work to document the relationship between the provision of public lighting and road traffic casualties, street crime and perception of personal security and public safety. 
b)    The Lighting Board will work to influence all aspects of lighting design and maintenance being carried out with safety in mind and promulgate best practice through local authorities and the industry.
c)    The Lighting Board will review current research on how the lighting environment can affect humans (e.g. circadian rhythms)

2    Sustainability

a)    Promulgate best practice
  • The Lighting Board will publish regular updates to the national Code of Practice “Well lit highways”.
  • The Board will keep Local Authorities and the lighting industry informed of its work on lighting policy, design and maintenance, through its website, press releases, correspondence, supporting learned journals and by participating in conferences, etc.
b)    Asset Management
  • The Board will continue to emphasise the importance of accurate inventory data as an imperative to effective management of the infrastructure.
  • Work with the Highway Asset Management Finance Information Group (HAMFIG) to develop a means of predicting the impact of investment plans on future condition of lighting assets, both on a local and national level.
c) Training and development
  • The lighting Board will engage with employers, and those responsible for schools, colleges, training, development and qualification standards to encourage an interest in and a career path which maintains sufficient qualified people available to meet national requirements.

3     Environment

a)    The Lighting Board will promote approaches to the provision and maintenance of street lighting services in the most environmentally sustainable way.
b)    The Board will compile experiences and give advice on the formulation of policies around energy.

4    Efficiency

a)    Financial

  • The Board will advise on funding methods and approaches, promoting financial solutions that represent best value for money.
  • The Board will promote and share best practice on cashable and non-cashable efficiencies.
  • The Board will promote competition and efficient methods of procurement.
b)    PerformanceManagement
  • The Board will support the development of the consistent and reliable measurement and reporting of performance through the application of uniform, clear and consistent performance targets and indicators.
  • The Board will work constructively with the energy industry regulator, Ofgem to develop and apply appropriate performance standards on Distribution Network Operators for the provision and maintenance of energy supply to lighting infrastructure